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Officer Elections

The ISBA Officer Elections are up! If you are a member of ISBA Member please check your email and vote by December 10.

If you have not received an email with the link to the ballot, please email Marianne at


Please see the link to see the Sable Breed Standard Survey Results:

Sable Breed Standard Survey Results

ADGA Members were recently surveyed about a color requirement for the Sable breed. Should Sables be required to exhibit 25% color other than white or light cream for registration?

Proponents of the 25% color requirement believe it would make the Sable breed more distinguishable from the Saanen breed, strengthening the legitimacy of the breed. This change could increase the ability of the Sables to breed true.

Opponents to the 25% color requirement question the potential margin of error in determining what constitutes 25 percent.  Additionally, requiring more color could decrease the number of animals registered in the Sable breed when the Sable breed is already challenged by low registration numbers.


No – 63

Yes – 7


**Attention All Sable Breeders – Past and Present**

You will find the Sable Breed Standard Survey on page 11 in the ADGA 1st Quarter 2017 News & Events which you should be receiving soon. It is also available under the Publications Tab under Member Services on the ADGA website. It is very important that Sable breeders respond to this survey.

**AS A BREED CLUB WE DO NOT SUPPORT THIS CHANGE TO THE BREED STANDARD.  In a Survey sent to our members  and the majority would like for the standard to STAY THE SAME**

Please note the following information regarding Breed Surveys on page 28 of the Guidebook:

“If the committee votes to continue by a simple majority, a poll will be taken in the next ADGA News & Events. The Breed Standards Committee Chairman shall submit all necessary information for publication. Voting in the polls for proposed change(s) is limited to memberships who have owned, bred, or registered the breed under consideration or members linked to said memberships.

Persons are limited to one vote, either as an individual or entity membership. Youth members are eligible to vote. If passed by a two-thirds majority of those voting, it shall be presented by the Committee Chair to the ADGA Directors at the next Board of Directors’ meeting for their approval.”