National Show Blue Ribbons

Junior Doe: Ober-D’ Rainbow HG Lynae

Intermediate Doe: Talache’s Fairen

Senior Doe: Oden Jackson

Junior Yearling Doe: Trinity Valley Kiwi

Senior Yearling: Ingle-Nook ADA Macaroon

Yearling Milker: Grande Ronde AC Chocolate Chip

2 Year old Milker: Trinity Valley S Jujube

3 Year old Milker: Klisse’s KCT Euodias

4 Year Old Milker: Klisse’s KDC Andrew

5 Years and 6 Year Old Milker:  SGCH Klisse’s NSNN Valor of Hope

7 Years and Older Milker: GCH Hand Made Grand Coco Crispy

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