A note from our President:

Fellow ISBA Members,

What an exciting year for the ISBA!  Our Specialty program has been a big success with Specialty shows in most districts!  We brought back our All American Program, which was also a HUGE success with a lot of entries!  All American winners are also being sent to the United Caprine News for publication!

The Board has been working tirelessly to come up with new ideas.  Our Survey Monkey Poll on what you would like to see for the ISBA was also a major success.  Due to this, we are starting our quarterly  newsletter!  We are also looking at some new programs for members, such as the Black and Teal program (similar to All American, but show wins are NOT reported or calculated), as well as a Total Performer Program which considers show wins, Appraisal Scores, and DHIA!

So whats next for ISBA?  The Sky is the limit!  We want to continue to increase membership.  The newsletter and additional programs will hopefully be a draw to join.

I am excited to be part of the ISBA and help bring new ideas to the membership!  I hope you enjoy the ride!

Warm Regards,



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