A note from our President:

Dear ISBA,

Another year has come and gone, and with that brings the reflection of the past, and the excitement of what comes before us in the next year.  I have done a lot of reflection on the ISBA. It has been an exciting time for me as ISBA President. I have seen the increase in participation; an active board who works well together; and the reformation and addition of exciting programs within the ISBA.  But I have to ask myself, with all of these positives, why are we not seeing an increase in membership of the ISBA, or an increase in the breed as a whole…  What can we be doing to better serve these areas?

I have said it before, and will say it again, the Sable breeders are an amazing people…  I have never seen so much genuine camaraderie as I have seen with Sable breeders.  We share in each others achievements, and grieve in each others sadness.  We celebrate the wins of other Sable breeders, even when they were the ones that beat our own animals…  You truly do not see this across breeders in other breeds…  ISBA has been the only breed club I have joined over the my decades of breeding goats where members simply get along… no bickering, no backstabbing…  This is one of the many reasons I love Sables…

I have made some very special, life long friendships due to the ISBA and my life is better due to being a member.  If not, I doubt I would have met these amazing people.  Why did you join ISBA?  Have you shared your stories with Sable breeders who are not members?  My challenge to you is encourage just 1 sable breeder who isn’t a member to join.  Perhaps reach out to a previous member who dropped out and encourage them to give us another try.  Share the wonderful programs we have worked so hard to bring back, or share our phenomenal Newsletter (one of the best out there in my opinion!).

Take this time to reflect on why you joined the ISBA… then think about what you can do to help spread the word about this wonderful organization.

Warm regards,



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