National Blue Ribbons

Premier Senior Youth Doe: CH Klisse’s KOOH Bravura of Hope




7 Years and Older: GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Tori



5 & 6 Year Old: SGCH Klisse’s NSNN ChocolateCrinkle


4 Year Old: CH L& K Farms Madeleine’s Makena


3 Year Old: Klisse’s KOOH Huldah



2 Year Old: Acres of Daisies OhHunnyBunny 



Milking Yearling: Whimsical Kids Geneva




Dry Yearling: Kickapoo-Valley JDC Hukleberry



Junior Yearling: Triple C Farm CPN CreamPie




Senior Kid                      Kickapoo-Valley JDC Jadeberry


Intermediate Kid: Kickapoo-Valley JDC Jakiaberry






Junior Kid: Old-English Jade




Youth Premier Jr. Doe: Hala Farm OhHotDamThsIsMyJam


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