Director Elections

D1- Lee Levine                                                                                                                            My name is Lee Levine, I’m from Fort Edward, NY and I have been showing goats since 2008. A horse friend got me into it and, after showing her goats with her, she gave me an experimental and a Lamancha doe in 2009. On a frigid February evening in 2015, completely by coincidence, my boyfriend, now my husband, and I were at an auction barn. He noticed an ‘Alpine’ in the animal part of the auction who looked suspiciously unlike an Alpine, and she was tattooed! After several texts and some wheeling and dealing with fellow bidders, we came home with a cold, emaciated, freshly aborted doe who went on to become Ch Patina M&M Me Too and the rest, as they say, is history.                                                                               We were completely taken by the tenacious but sweet personality, the hardiness and the production potential of this breed – all things that had drawn me to Lamanchas, but here I could see the potential to be involved in something great as it blossomed, the rise of a new and very worthy breed. I still keep some elf eared experimentals, but quality Sables are now my focus. I enjoy ooo-ing and ah-ing over our Top Ten producers, All American winners and the beautiful photos that come out of Nationals. It would be an honor for me to be involved as an ISBA Director to help promote and strengthen our breed so that others may realize the incredible merits of these animals.

D2- Tim Flickenger

 Tim’s dairy goat involvement began as 4-H project in 1987, the family raised Holstein & Milking Shorthorn dairy cattle but never had goats until Tim wanted a smaller dairy animal and two Alpine goats were purchased for Tim’s 4-H project.  It was didn’t take long for his passion for dairy goats to developed into a life long dedication to goats and their industry.

          Tim along with his partner Justin Williams own and show animals under the herd name Flick’s Acres.  The herd consists mainly of Sables & Saanens along with a select group of Oberhasli.  The herd has been recognized on the state and national level.

D3- Ben Sims

My name is Ben Sims and I have been exhibiting and breeding Sables since 2008. With my mother and father, we operate under the herd name Royalty out of Sedalia, MO. The Royalty herd started in 1962 and has had several breeds over the years.  However, the solo breed for a number of those later years were Toggenburgs.  I got into breeding Sables, because I wanted to just see a different flavor in the herd. I love both breeds equally, but have enjoyed having the Sables around for their unique character and for the challenge of selecting and breeding the genetics on this lovable breed.

In my professional life, I work for Trans Ova Genetics in Chillicothe, MO.  In February I will have been with Trans Ova for 4 years, which is crazy to think about how quickly the time has gone by.  Trans Ova does conventional Embryo Transfer and In-Vitro Fertilization in cattle and small ruminants.  My current position is as a Professional Services Embryologist where my duties include; locating embryos once they are recovered from the donor, grading and evaluating the embryos, and preparing the embryos for implantation or preservation.

I very much enjoy and appreciate the Sable breed, and have always loved meeting and working with all Sable breeders.  I believe we have a very passionate, strong group and would me honored to have your support!


Ben Sims

D4- Sarah Chapman-                                                                                                        My name is Sarah Chapman. I am the proud owner of the Goats Are For Girls herd. I began raising dairy goats in 2013. After careful research into different breeds I decided on the Sable. They carried all of the power and production of a Saanen only with color! I contacted Shannan Lloyd and bought my first dairy doe.  Soon after I was introduced to Heather Janke and ended up with some quality LaManchas as well. It took alot of learning to  get where I am today.  Long story short I am not the most experienced breeder however I do have a passion for learning and will listen to what our district has to say.

Director At Large – Deb Crump

Hi, my name is Deb Crump, I am the 50s aged half owner and breeding manager of Demore Sables Dairy Goats a Sable stud in New Zealand. We have just joined ADGA and will continue in membership with ISBA. I am a large Animal Veterinary Technician working as a breeding consultant for an international AI Company. My interests are Dairy Goats, Horses, Dogs and Genetics. I have been involved with Dairy Goats since 1990. i took a break from stud goats whilst working overseas but came back to them when i returned to new Zealand a few years ago. i would like to see ISBA become a truly International group of Sable breeders from around the world and International participation in ISBA programmes.

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