Club Programs

All American Program– This program recognizes those Sables who have proven their excellence in the show ring (Does, Bucks, and Experimental Does). Two animals in each class are chosen as the All-American and Reserve All-American winners.

Specialty Program– The purpose of the Specialty Show Program is to spotlight Sables at show events sanctioned ADGA.  These Specialties are put on by local clubs in the ISBA Districts. If you would like to see a Sable Specialty in your area, please contact your local club and have them submit an application. We look forward to seeing all of your beautiful animals shown!

Black and Teal Program-The purpose of the Black and Teal Sable Award Program will be to acknowledge and honor beautiful Sables across America who exhibit outstanding breed type and correctness in each of the specified gender and age groups, and deserve recognition even though they may not participate in shows. Classes shall be open to Purebred, American, and Experimental. Experimental must be at least 50% Sable, and must meet Sable Breed Standard. First Place in each category will be declared the “Black Sable”, while Second Place will be the “Teal Sable”!

Total Performer Award Program recognizes the does that have qualified in show, LA, and milk categories. It also allows for Sires and Dams to be recognized based on their progeny!

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