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ISBA has 3 different types of memberships to offer.                                                 Individual Membership- $10                                                                                         Family Membership- $15                                                                                                 Youth Membership- $5                                                                                              You can choose the one that works the best for you!

**Memberships paid BEFORE 10-1 for new members will be applied to the current year. Memberships paid AFTER 10-1 will be applied to the next years membership**

****We are having lots of trouble with the contact form****

If you have paid your dues online PLEASE email Susan at with the following information:

Your Name, Herdname, Address, Phone Number, Committee’s you are interested in, and Comments/Suggestions you may have

To join by mail, send check, made out to ISBA, to:                                             Susan Mitchell                                                                                                               Treasurer, ISBA                                                                                                                   71 Cross Rd                                                                                                                   Iberia, MO  65486


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