From the Chair

December is gone and January is here along with a new year to challenge us. We have come a long way since August of last year in revitalizing our Association. This could never have happened without the dedication of many of our supporters and our members. we are ...making decisions for the new year already!

The ISBA newsletter has a new name thanks to the ISBA Board and its members. It is now called The Sable Journal, a fitting name for recording what is happening in our Association and outside of it. We want our members, and anyone who would like to, to feel free to submit articles, etc., that they would like to share with our members. Remember, this is not only a paper newsletter , but an online one as well. So, folks from across the country will enjoy reading what you have to offer too!

If you think it has been a little quiet on the ISBA Online list, that is because the Executive committee and the Board has set up a separate list for discussing business before presenting it to the membership. This will cut down on confusion and allow us to move along at a more acceptable speed. Instead of the members having to read emails that constantly go back over and over the same issue, the Board will organize those issues and deal with them before the members are subjected to a lot of repeat emails.

If you have any questions at any time feel free to contact me at or you can call me at 1-309-627-2355. My postal address is Anita Gilley, RR1 Bx 221G Gladstone, Illinois 61437.

I am sorry to say that due to the unseasonable cold weather and snow, we are forced to reschedule our All American program until this coming summer. So watch for the details!

Anita Gilley

Welcome to our New Contributing Editor

Jan Brewer

Be sure to read her column Jan's Jabber

in this issue!

Perpetual Breeding Calendars

Selling like Hot Cakes!

Thanks to Donna Palmer and her brilliant idea and work on creating the ISBA Perpetual Breeding Calendar ...we have raised quite a bit of money for our Treasury. Just this last week we sold $90.00 worth of them. And will sell more yet! We also sold 6 breeding calendars and donated one to the Strong Family Auction who had lost their home in a fire earlier this month.

Recommend these to your goat friends as gifts and Club prizes or awards, etc. They can't go wrong for the great workmanship not to mention the information it provides and the great price....$2.50 each including shipping!!!

The PBC's can be seen at the ISBA web site:



Please be sure to work with any committee that contacts you asking for information, and any programs we have to offer. A lot of hard work is involved in these things, and not to participate is the same as saying, " So what." An attitude that can kill any association. Apathy will not obtain our goals. Only the inner strength and excitement of the members will. It is not just up to the Board or Committees or Executive officers. They can only start a ball rolling, it is your job to catch it. Nita

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Anita Gilley
Date Last Modified: 12/23/00
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